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Community Services

Words travel the globe, and copywriting is an international venture. But language should also be personal and local. That's why I like to help small local businesses thrive and be successful, giving start-up companies a helping hand onto the national and perhaps even global stage.

Small business are still a big deal. Not everyone can start up their own business. So I also help the little guy, the individual. Anyone that needs some advice or a push in the right direction. Whether its a report that just needs a little more dazzle, or a CV that needs that extra shine, I am more than happy to take on a small project in order to help you produce the best that you can. Or, help you get that much deserved job.

These little projects are a big deal to you, and a big deal to me. They're very personal, so get in touch with me and we can have a chat about exactly how I can help with your problem. Perhaps you know someone that needs a little help in school with an essay. Or maybe you've got a newsletter to write and don't know where to begin. My services will just support you exactly where you need, and you'll still feel a great sense of accomplishment when you're done.