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Super Thick Danio Yoghurt - Review 

As soon as my vouchers came, I was off to the shops. We regularly buy yoghurts on our supermarket visits, but we've been sticking with the same few recently, so it was nice to have a change.  

Unfortunately, only three out of the four flavours were available in our local supermarket. We tried back on numerous occasions, but I was unable to try the passionfruit (yellow) pot. So this review is based on just the blueberry, cherry and strawberry.

Good size and shape

My first thoughts on getting the pots home was their size and shape. Some yoghurts can actually be quite small when you get through all the packaging, but these had a good size, with plenty of filling inside when you peeled back the lid. 

I also liked the round design they had. This maximised capacity, with no wasted plastic sticking out at the corners, and made storing in the fridge easy and efficient. 

Super filling

Once you got into the actual yoghurt, it was easy to see value for money. There was a good, full size serving in there; some yoghurts leave you unsatisfied and wanting more, but not danio. In fact, I felt pretty full after having a full yoghurt, and it did genuinely feel like I was having a dessert, rather than just a little snack. 

Good news there. Mix it with fruit or cereal or something like that, and you could easily make a full pot go across two servings without being stingy. 

There was no denying its thickness too. It really did stay on the spoon, and even a small mouth full really filled your mouth. 

The downside of this was that stirring up the fruit layer at the bottom of the pot into the yoghurt was actually quite hard work! 

Taste, the most important part

On the whole, I found the yoghurts very pleasant to eat, but I did think they lacked a bit of fruit. I hate when yoghurts are stingy on the fruit layer at the bottom, and generally, danio did a good job of having just enough to mix well around the whole yoghurt, but I did feel like they could have made it a little fruitier. 

Blueberry was the fruitiest, followed by cherry. Strawberry is my favourite, but I was disappointed with the taste and flavour of this one. I definitely thought it was the weakest of the three. Some mouthfuls just didn't taste like it was strawberry flavoured at all. I bought the Blueberry one again, but not Strawberry. 

Ultimately, whilst I really enjoyed the danio yoghurts, and they were certainly filling enough, I just felt like they weren't quite sweet or indulgent enough for me. We usually buy fat free/low calorie/sugar free yoghurts and have them as a treat for a dessert. So this yoghurt that doesn’t promise low calories should have been a big treat. 

It was dessert like in it being filling, but it just didn't taste sweet or indulgent enough given that it wasn't aimed at the weight watching, calorie counting market. 

But still, if you like thick, creamy yoghurts, it's definitely well worth a try.

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