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The Man behind the Pen

How much do you need to know about a guy that's going to be writing some words about your product or brand? Well quite a lot actually, because you're going to be trusting me with your business, with your livelihood, and with your ideas. Those ideas are important to you. You're going to want them in a safe pair of hands.

I grew up devouring words. I could read before I could walk. You'll never find me without something to read by my side: a book; a magazine; a newspaper; a flyer. Absolutely anything. And not far away, there will always be a pen and a notepad.

I appreciate how much words influence people. I've studied how words spread across the globe, I've seen how great speeches inspire people, and I have embraced the globalisation of language. I've written about great orators and I have travelled half way across the globe to help promote an idea. I have seen presidents inaugurated, and written press releases for US politicians. I have honed my public relation skills and strived to ensure my communication abilities are second to none. And now I want to work for you.

Though I have reluctantly embraced the technologic changes of my life time, I've found there is one thing that will never change. Good writing. Whether it be typed out on an iPad or scribbled on a napkin, it doesn't matter if it's 140 characters or an essay of a hundred thousand words. I believe in great writing. Great writing online stands out amongst a million competitors, and great writing on a piece of printed paper can feel like gold. I love creating great writing for others.

My life is ruled by post-it notes, as ideas float around everywhere. I don't like to force ideas out; inspiration strikes without notice. I like to think about the job in front of me, pondering the absolute best kind of plan to get your brand out there. That way, the words are natural. And natural, makes people smile. Smiles make your business successful.