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Words. Everywhere you look, there are words.

Written down or spoken, words encompass our lives. They inform us; they entertain us; they inspire us. On their own, words can intrigue us and trigger unique feelings from just a few letters. Together, they form a tale, a story, an epic, and can conjure up incredible images, delving deep into our minds and helping us escape to another world.

Better make sure those words are right then. That's where I come in.

Right doesn't just mean grammatically correct. That's the easy part. Right means they fit with your brand, with your product, with your idea. Right means they are succinct-they make the point you want to make right away, and they make it simply. Right means bringing in your target audience, but it goes further than this. The right words persuade. The right words provoke. The right words encourage.

The right words will help your business grow and prosper. The right words will enhance your reputation and your profile, online and in the real world. The right words will make everything easier. That's what I do.

Browse my site, check out my work, and see why you might need me. I'm convinced, you'll be convinced. Then pick up the phone and give me a call, or get those fingers tapping and send me an email. Or be nostalgic and grab a pen, scribble away and post me a letter. Whichever way you choose, together we can work some wonders with words.

Copywriter, blogger, storyteller. Based In Greater Manchester, supplying creativity to the North West, England, the UK, and the World. Words know no boundaries nor limits.