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Don't just take my word for it

I've only worked with Ben for a short time, but its clear that he's much more than a skilled copywriter from Manchester. He has this ability to ask great questions, and extract the key facts, which he then weaves into brilliant, descriptive, compelling copy that really gets results. Oh, and try asking him about other aspects of marketing too - he keeps it quiet, but he's equally knowledgable about this.

Cannot recommend highly enough.

The Spa at Hale Country Club is a luxurious place to visit, and we needed a website and a copywriter from the Manchester area who could really encapsulate the atmosphere and experience. Ben had done some work for our company before, and he was our first and only choice, perfectly matching the tone of voice we needed, and writing some SEO copy which just works for our clients and for Google. It sounds great, and now we have Ben on a retainer for us working on regular blog posts, newsletters and advertisements, because we couldn't do without him. 

Richard Edmunds, Group Spa Manager, The Spa at Hale Country Club.

We tried doing the copy ourselves, but we are artists, not writers. At first we copied and pasted snippets from other tattoo websites and often wondered who wrote the text for them. Our site ended up reading like all the other sites and didn't stand out. After being introduced to Ben I just sat and replied to the questions I was asked. I found myself getting really into what I was saying and going off on a tangent. I thought I was banging on a bit but the moment I read the copy he'd written it was PERFECT. It really portrayed our ethos and ironically "paints" a picture of my company perfectly!

My customers put a lot of trust in me to create a permanent masterpiece on their skin. Thanks to Ben they seem to trust me before ether have even arrived. The copy on my website has been intimately and honestly crafted and its as if prospective clients know me before they get here. This makes my life much easier and each interaction more efficient. Ben put my personality into words better than i thought was possible and everyone who walks through my door comments on the feel good factor as they were reading his words, and in many cases this sealed the deal for them and they picked up the phone. Cheers Ben!!! 

Danny Birch, Heart-For-Art Tattoo and Mural Artist Extraordinaire.

I contacted Ben just over two years ago as I was launching my website for my Private Gym for Personal Training. I didn't want to sound like all the other commercial money grabbing gyms who promised the earth as it's everything I'm not, also I didn't want to sound like a complete t**t neither. Ben paid me a visit, encouraged me to be myself as he took some notes. I could tell he got what me and my brand was all about. The website speaks for itself. Cheers Ben

Ryan Herbert, Area 5 Fitness.

I'm totally rubbish with words, but I knew I needed some great ones for my site to really stand out. I'd seen Ben's work on a few other websites, and I could tell he was a wizard with words, so I wanted him, the best copywriter in Manchester. I wanted to get the same reaction with the words on my site as my signs get when people see them, and that's exactly what Ben did. Different and creative. Thanks Ben! 

Nick Hoszowskyj, Mammoth Signs. 

I was introduced to Ben through a former colleague, who recommended him to me as someone who could help me out with a little bit of writing. Ben ended up doing so much more than that. He re-wrote my website because it had no structure to it and sounded terrible, and his improvements have made a big difference for clients and Google ranking. He's helped me with CVs, Linked-in profiles, advertisements and descriptions for all kinds of things, and he's just my go to guy whenever I need anything, writing or any other technical advice! 

Alan Horsfield, Extingushier Hire. 

Having worked/collaborated with Ben recently to a project for my website, I would like to say that I found Ben to be clever, innovative and most ‘user friendly to work with.  He has added a dynamic aspect to the piece that I couldn’t have thought of myself.  Not only would I recommend him but I will be using him hopefully on many more occasions in the future. 

Julianne Howarth, Founder and Managing Director – Attache Voyage. 

We were introduced to Ben through a mutual friend. After being given a brief description of what we do he came up with Maria Patricia; Modern easy to read copy, informative and dynamic. The turnover in our business is fantastic. We are not only "out there" but a great website that DOES make people make contact us and request our services. Blogging is fun and sharing with various forums is so exciting and expanding our reach. A good website is the vital part of any business. BJ Hampson is an intelligent copywriter, that I will only recommend to all I come in contact with. Do I think he is the best?....Sure right i do.....!.

Maria Patricia, Laser Hair Removal and Botox Specialist

Thanks Ben for updating my CV. You have done an excellent job; my CV looks amazing. You really know how to condense all the information professionally. My CV no longer looks looks a story! I would highly recommend you.

Kathryn Hankinson, Executive Secretary

I couldn't be happier with the work Ben did on my website. He completely transformed every page on there, and now it just sounds incredible. Better still, Ben regularly writes a blog for me. Every post he does is extremely informative for my clients, and each one always brings in new hits and queries regarding my personal training. I'd most definitely recommend him to anyone.

Tom Callan, Freelance Personal Trainer

Ben has helped me edit some important letters and emails I had to send out on numerous occasions, and even helped me re-write a report I had to distribute to my members. His enthusiasm and dedication is second to none, in whatever he is doing. I keep returning for his advice because it's always perfect.

Janet Nelson, Community Volunteer

My son had just finished school, and was trying to find a job. Ben helped him compose a superb CV, and when he found a job he wanted to apply for, Ben ensured he had an outstanding cover letter. My son got the job. Thank you Ben!

Kevin Jackson, Parent