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It’s Always Better When We’re Together


You’re singing it now aren’t you? Humming it at least.

Jack Johnson had it right when he sang about being better together. Although he was being a bit of a soppy romantic.

Maybe you prefer All Together Now, the anthem that has united football fans for over two decades.

Either way, the message is the same.

We are better together. In life, in sport, in business.

That’s just one of the reasons why you’ve probably not heard from me in months. I’ve been very busy. Busy collaborating with two other fantastic copywriters. Busy working together.


Because working together for our clients means better ideas. Better copy. Better business.

Introducing Hampson Nattan Williams

That’s us. Our new name, our new marketing agency. Our new business.

Hopefully you know me already. Nattan is Mr Andrew Nattan of 603 Copywriting. Williams is Mr. Martin J Williams of UK Copywriting.

Together, we’re doing what we always do. Great copywriting that helps our clients win business and make money. But we’re doing it bigger. Better. More impactful.

Three of Manchester’s leading copywriters. Three well established and highly successful copywriting agencies. Three decades of experience and expertise.

One purpose. Change.

We’re changing the conversation

We’re not just another marketing agency. We’re not just a bunch of copywriters coming together (though that in itself is a huge thing).

Hampson Nattan Williams is a message-led marketing agency that wins business with data-driven content, triple-strength copywriting and innovative tone of voice workshops.

Yeah, that’s our strapline. But what it means is that we’re putting message first. Always.

We’ve recognised that for many, if not most, businesses, their message, their offering, the key reason for what they do and how they help customers, is often neglected. It’s squeezed in at the end. Forgotten about during web builds and marketing decisions.

It’s an afterthought that’s added in, when in reality, it’s the most important part of any business. It’s what influences decisions on design and advertising, what impacts growth and expansion. It’s what connects with customers and what makes businesses money.

So it should be front and centre.

And that’s what we’re doing.

Words that win business.

That’s the most important thing we do.

The clue is in our URL -

By putting message first, we’re transforming the whole process and helping businesses be better.

Here’s how:

  • Tone of Voice workshops that help you define how you speak to your customers, identify your exact tone (and how to use it) and transform your messaging to something that resonates with your audience.

  • Next, we provide triple strength copywriting that utilises your tone of voice to its full advantage. Best practice, highly powerful and extremely impactful copy - that’s peer-reviewed and triple checked to make it as strong as possible.

  • Then, we use data-driven content to make that copy even better, constantly measuring a whole host of metrics, testing, improving and refining - word by word - to get the optimal results.  


The future of BJ Hampson

BJ Hampson isn’t going anywhere.

I’m still going to be working with all the amazing clients I help on a daily basis. Still going to be providing expert copywriting services to SMEs and agencies that need a helping hand.

This brand and this website are well, well, WELL overdue a refresh. That’s coming very soon.

I’ve even got two exciting new brands to launch as well - The English Copywriter and The Corporate Copywriter. You heard them here first.

I’ve been a busy boy. One day you might get to see it all.

But the work we do at Hampson Nattan Williams – work that’s pushing copywriting to new levels and optimising conversions for businesses – will ultimately help ALL of my clients too.

Because we can deliver so much more than one freelance copywriter.

We work better, all of us, as collaborators not competitors. We’re better for businesses when we work together.

Want to be one of the first to get involved, before our books are full?

Get in touch with us over at Hampson Nattan Williams.



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